Corporate Support Reaches Klaipėda University Hospital

Thanks to the efforts of Klaipėda port stevedoring companies, Klaipėda University Hospital (KUH) has been equipped with high quality smart lung ventilators. The hospital has a special postoperative ward for the treatment of patients with COVID-19.

The Association of Lithuanian Stevedoring Companies has collected 200 thousand euro from its members and will donate 5 Danish-made respiratory and anaesthesia systems and other medical supplies to the city’s hospitals. The concern companies KLASCO, the Central Klaipėda Terminal and the Cargo Terminal also made a significant contribution to the hospital. 

According to Gintautas Virketis, Deputy Chief Physician of Klaipėda University Hospital, the donation of 2 respiratory devices by the port companies, which have already been installed, is a very important and life-saving donation to the hospital. They will be used to ventilate the lungs of COVID patients after various surgeries.

“We have operated on several patients with suspected COVID-19, and have never had anyone with the disease. Previously, we have used such machines in operating theatres for anaesthesia, and now we have them in the postoperative ward as well,” said G. Virketis.

The installed system is designed to artificially support the respiratory function of the intubated patient. (Intubation is a procedure in which an intubation tube is inserted into the airway to circulate air (a mixture of gases) through the lungs. For people with lung damage, impaired respiratory centre in the brain or other respiratory impairment, artificial ventilation is the only way to maintain breathing and life.

Sigitas Uselis, a representative of technical suppliers in Klaipėda, says that AX500 is a top-of-the-range anaesthesia system manufactured by a Danish company with 70 years of experience. It is, in everyday language, “Mercedes level.” Before buying the equipment, the port workers asked what kind of machines would be most suitable for Klaipėda hospitals. According to S. Uselis, the machine is intelligent and has many functions that analyse the composition of the gases people breathe, making it very convenient for doctors and safe for patients.

KLASCO had earlier joined the initiative by the Klaipėda port stevedoring companies to help medical staff and is ready to provide various assistance in the future in the fight against the pandemic.