Klaipeda stevedoring company (KLASCO) is the most diversified stevedoring company in Klaipeda port and one of the largest companies in terms of turnover not only in Klaipeda port, but also in the Baltic States.

The company leases two separate port areas and operates at more than 20 berths. In the northern part, near the deepest water area, activities are carried out in specialized closed technology terminals. The berths are equipped with engineering communications, ship extinguishing equipment, railway tracks. In the southern part of the port on the Smeltė peninsula general and bulk cargo are handled. In both territories there are wagon distribution stations and parking lots for vehicles. As added value service ships are supplied with electricity and fresh water. Customs services are provided at the Vite and Malku Bay seaport control posts.

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Continuing the traditions of Klaipeda trade port, KLASCO has surpassed 13 million handling limit and achieved the highest economic results in the history of operations. The company occupies more than a quarter of the port services market.

KLASCO has the ability to handle not only all types of Panamax, but also 13.8 meter draft Post-Panamax vessels.

Company employs highly qualified specialists who provide quality services to customers. Recently, with the increasing automation of production organization processes and the important role of information technology, the company has an increasing number of young employees with higher education.

KLASCO production efficiency, social and ecological responsibility, consistent investment policy have a significant impact on the port economy, transport system of the country, social development of the city community. Under an agreement with Klaipeda University, KLASCO finances the application of science in production, promotes logistics and maritime business initiatives, also employs students for internships and employment.

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20210531 Vytautas Stumbergas

Vytautas Štumbergas

Acting General Director
20210618 Siluetas v1

Igor Šulžickij

Commercial Director
20210429 Sarunas Krucius

Šarūnas Kručius

Acting Economic and Financial Director
20210429 Marius Januskevicius

Marius Januškevičius

Operations Director
20210429 Vidas Endzinas

Vidas Endzinas

Infrastructure Director
20210618 Siluetas v1

Edgaras Akudovičius

Head of Personnel and Administration



On May 3, 1995, after changing the name of the state-owned company and establishing new boundaries of the territory and quays, the joint-stock company “Klaipėdos jūrų krovinių kompanija” with the international trademark KLASCO (Klaipeda Stevedoring Company) was registered.




On March 3, 1999, the company was privatized and belongs to Lithuanian capital concern “Achema Group” (“Achemos grupė”).


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October 2010

In October 2010, for the first time in the history of Klaipeda port, KLASCO handled more than one million tons of various cargoes in one month. After loading the ship “Ladoga-8” with bulk fertilizers from AB “Achema”, the handling result of 1,001,307 tons was fixed.


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In 2012, the best handling result of KLASCO was achieved – 13.46 million tons of various cargoes were handled.



May 7 2020

On May 7 2020 the largest Newcastlemax-type vessel at KLASCO berths and in the port of Klaipeda “FPMC B LUCK” was handled. Vessel is 299.7 meters long, 50 meters wide and has a maximum draft of 18.2 meters, the DWT of the ship is 206.4 thousand. tons. Totaly 135.6 thousand tons of metal raw materials was loaded on the vessel.




Cargo turnover. mln. tons

Cargo handling by types, 2020