Klaipeda Stevedoring Company

Our vision - flexible stevedoring company and a reliable supply-chain in the transport system, creating sustainable and safe environment.


Klaipeda Stevedoring Company

Our mission - responding to market needs and focus on constantly improving business processes we create a socially responsible and sustainable business.


Klaipeda Stevedoring Company

Our mission - with continuing investment we integrate advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.


Klaipeda Stevedoring Company

Our mission - delivering quality in every step we maintain competitive advantage and long-term growth for our clients and the Company.


13.8 m

Max vessel draft at the berths

13 mln. t

Annual cargo turnover

91.3 ha

The largest territory in Port of Klaipeda

4.1 km

Total length of quays

~28 %

Market share in Klaipeda port


The number of employees


We accept wagons with different cargo per day in the northern part of Port of Klaipeda


We handle different types of cargo


  • Stevedoring services
  • Bulk cargo packing
  • Warehousing services
  • Logistics
  • Other value - added services
  • Towage Assistance

Stevedoring services

We are the most versatile stevedoring company in Klaipeda port, we provide handling services of bulk, general, liquid and Ro-Ro cargo .

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Bulk cargo packing

Since 2020, KLASCO has been providing a bulk import and export cargo packing service. Packing is done in big-bags volume from 400 kg to 1250 kg. Bulk product packing capacity 50-70 tons per hour.


Warehousing services

We provide cargo warehousing services both in closed warehouses and in open areas. All KLASCO warehouses have the status of temporary storage / a custom warehouse.



Geographical location, long business practices and wide specialization enable the company to actively participate in international trade processes between East and West. Material and intellectual resources provide an opportunity to cover the whole process and offer complex solutions for transporting goods from the manufacturer to the consumer.

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Other value - added services

At the customer’s request, cargo weighing services with car and wagon scales can be provided. Other value-added services are also provided, such as cargo marking, tarpaulin or film coating, etc.

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Towage Assistance

Klasco Towage Assistance provides port towage services in the port and or near the coast, rescue operations in the port and at sea, as well as cargo transportation in the port.

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