KLASCO Consistently Invests in Environmental Protection

To reduce the impact of bulk cargo on the ambient air, Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO has purchased a new conveyor with a rotating magnet and water nozzles to prevent the cargo from dusting during loading. KLASCO is the first and only port stevedoring company to use this type of conveyor; currently, of which the company now has two. The new conveyor cost the company 220 thousand euro.

“We are continuously investing in environmental protection and advanced handling technologies because they are linked. The technically faster the handling operation, the lower the environment impact. In the past, iron ore was loaded from wagons into stacks with a bucket loader in several intermediate operations, whereas with the new conveyor the stacks are formed immediately. Dispatchers respond to the slightest change in weather patterns because we do not want the port to cause inconvenience to residents. In May-August, no air monitoring station ever detected exceedances of the daily average concentration of particulate matter”, says Vytautas Štumbergas, CEO of KLASCO.

The head of KLASCO points out that the monitoring stations for air pollution measurements were built by Klaipėda State Seaport Authority (KSSA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Koris company in the company’s territory. The company’s dispatchers receive data from the KVJUD’s round-the-clock air quality testing. Since the end of August, these data have been publicly available on the website portofklaipėda.lt.

In the event of an instantaneous increase in the indicators, loading operations are suspended and all measures are taken to ensure clean loading. The indicators of the EPA station are published the website gamta.lt. The processed data are received periodically from EPA KLASCO.

Until the KSSA has responded to KLASCO’s application for investment in the southern part of the port, where the company intends to set up a specialised bulk cargo terminal, KLASCO has consistently applied measures to reduce the impact of technological processes on ambient air. The long-term environmental action plan has been approved by the EPA that is kept informed of the measures implemented. In addition, the employees of the Ministry of Environment institutions have access to the production area and inspect loading operations at any time of the day.

KLASCO has invested more than one million euro in environmental measures in recent years and expects to invest as much in environmental protection in the near future. KLASCO was the first in the port to purchase and use 6 fog cannon pumps to suppress dust. 

The staff are trained to use them according to wind direction and other meteorological conditions. New Tukan jib slewing cranes have been purchased to reduce the number of operations and the loading time of ships, as well as the impact of loading on the port’s environment, and other equipment to reduce the release of dust into the environment. KLASCO was the first in Klaipėda Port to use eco-friendly material to cover bulk cargo, thus avoiding environmental impact during cargo storage.

The company also irrigates and cleans the streets in the residential area of Vitė with its own equipment. Instead of the planned one conveyor with magnets and nozzles, two are used. The stormwater from the KLASCO area is collected and treated in a treatment plant before being discharged into the lagoon. New stormwater collection networks and a treatment plant is being built at the renovated berths 10-11.

The company’s activities are carried out in accordance with national standards due to the above technical, technological and organisational environmental measures. Their effectiveness is also confirmed by data of air monitoring stations.