KLASCO Tests a New Green Environmental Tool

Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO continues its environmental programme and introduces innovative dust protection air control measures. In September, the company launched a second conveyor with a rotating magnet and water jets to prevent dust during cargo handling. The company is currently testing another new tool – Simple Green Crystal, an environmentally friendly, industrial product made in Germany that binds organic materials and metal.

Simple Green Crystal bonds solid particles together and eliminates dust from various surfaces. According to the manufacturers, it is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-allergenic, fully degradable in the environment, and has MPF (microparticle fractionation) properties.

According to Edmundas Norvaiša, the head of KLASCO’s Occupational Safety Department, the innovation has been tested on the company’s internal roads. The particulates deposited on them were cleanly collected by the cleaning machines. The test is not over yet, pending good weather. Simple Green Crystal has not been used in the Port of Klaipėda so far.

The Simple Green brand is best known worldwide for its multi-purpose eco-friendly cleaners. Among other things, they are used to clean up oil spills in the Baltic Sea. The manufacturers declare that the customers of the product include transport companies, oil extraction and refining companies, airports, manufacturing companies, heat supply companies, fuel depots, petrol stations and other entities. The manufacturers are said to be collaborating with scientists and laboratories involved in eco-geological research.

KLASCO is the first company in the port to use fog cannon pumps to suppress dust. Currently, 6 water cannons are used at the iron ore unloading sites and for stack irrigation. KLASCO was also the first in the port to introduce an advanced eco-friendly measure that covers iron ore cargo with an eco-friendly film and prevents it from drying out and dusting. Cellulose dissolved in water is sprayed to the top of the stack with a mobile unit.

The company’s environmental measures have already shown their benefits. According to the data of the air monitoring stations, KLASCO has never exceeded the daily limit value for particulate matter during the last 6 months.