KLASCO to Plant Trees and Shrubs in the Vitė Quarter

New trees and shrubs will adorn Klaipėda’s Vite quarter at the initiative of KLASCO. On 28 September, the company presented to the community representatives a project currently pending approval by the city municipality, which envisages the trees to be planted in two stages, in three different locations.

In the first phase, an array of ‘Grefsheim’ spiraea × cinerea species of shrubs will be planted on the territory of Vitė Progymnasium from the sides of the Švyturio and Janonio streets. It is planned to plant about 150 pieces of the gracefully outward-arching shrubs, with a total length of up to 60 meters. Small-leaved lime trees and common oak are also to be planted in Švyturio Street. In the second phase, small-leaved lime trees will be planted in front of the newly designed stadium of the Vitė Progymnasium. KLASCO has contracted Klaipėdos Želdiniai for the design and planting works.

“We feel a responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the communities adjacent to our company and are in constant contact with the people of the Vitė quarter. We want our help to meet their most pressing needs. It is gratifying that this time the wishes of the community and our possibilities coincided, so we hope that the project will be approved by the municipality and that the adjacent streets will gradually become greener,” says Vytautas Štumbergas, the head of KLASCO.

“We plan to start the first phase of tree planting in November, when the necessary permits are finalised, and the beginning of the second phase will depend on the progress of the school stadium – we will wait until the builders finish the installation and only then start planting trees,” says Arvydas Kveselis, the project manager of Klaipėdos Želdiniai.

According to him, the lime trees were chosen because of their hardiness and resistance to environmental influences, the designers also took into account the general context of the city – lime trees account for more than 70 percent of the trees growing in Klaipėda. Residents of the Vitė quarter are also positive about the future greenery and hope that the new deciduous trees will help to keep noise down, clean the air, and protect the city from dust. 

“According to the master plan of Klaipėda, Švyturio Street is to be reconstructed and extended up to P. Lideikio Street with the addition of a two-lane road. This, already busy, area will become even busier, so looking ahead we expressed the need to plant trees here – we believe that by then the trees will have time to grow and protect the residents from street noise and pollution,” says Ruslan Schneiderat, a representative of the Vitė community.

The preliminary cost of the project is estimated at 15,500 euro, to be donated by KLASCO to the city and the community in the Vitė neighbourhood. This is not the project funded by the company to create a more resident-friendly environment in a nearby area.

“With the help of KLASCO and Klaipėda City Municipality, a project of yard lighting in Švyturio, Sportininkų and Pušyno streets was implemented, making dark and unlit yards safer for their residents. Earlier, with the help of the company, we restored the stairs of the only pharmacy in the city that produced medicines and helped to save it from closure. Now, together with the representatives of the Vitė Progymnasium and KLASCO, the school’s stadium is being renovated and we appreciate such socially responsible neighbours in our community,” says R. Schneiderat.