KLASCO Organised Recreational and Educational Trips for Members of the Vitė Community

Klaipėda Stevedoring Company KLASCO together with the Vitė Community Association organised a recreational and educational trip for the seniors of the Vitė Community. A total of 37 seniors and 7 accompanying persons took part in the trip to Druskininkai on August 25-27.

During the three-day trip, the seniors stayed at the Grand SPA Lietuva recreation complex and enjoyed the wellness services provided here. They also visited the Liškiava Monastery and the Merkinė Pyramid with a guide during their sightseeing excursions.

”When planning the trip, we decided to include fewer sightseeing and more therapeutic, health-restoring activities. The end of summer is a good time to recharge your batteries before the upcoming cold season, so we are glad that in cooperation with KLASCO we were able to organise a strengthening trip for the seniors of the Vitė community,” says Ruslan Schneiderat, the head of the Vitė Community Association.

KLASCO, which has been contributing to the well-being of neighbouring communities for more than a decade, has already helped to organise two excursions this summer for the children of Vite community and their families, and has also supported the participation of Klaipėda Vitė Progymnasium learners in the Adventurous Summer English language camp. The camp focused on improving children’s personalities through active sports and artistic activities, as well as the English language skills.

“This year, we have been focusing not only on infrastructure improvement projects, but also on joint activities. We hope that these activities not only helped to relax and have a good time, but also to bring the Klaipėda City community together even more than ever. In these difficult times for everyone, community spirit is particularly important, therefore, when planning further social projects, we will also seek to promote partnership among community members and create opportunities for quality leisure time,” Vytautas Štumbergas, KLASCO CEO shares his plans.

This is not the only initiative. Together with the NGO Tvari Aplinka, the company also organised an excursion for children with disabilities in Klaipėda. During the two-day trip, the children and their parents were invited to explore Lithuania and relax in the Grand SPA Lietuva wellness and recreation complex in Druskininkai, to enjoy the pleasures provided by the water park and the salt room. 

On the way back to Klaipėda, the children stopped for a tour in Panemunė Castle and the adjacent park. This way, KLASCO aims to contribute to the well-being of the Klaipėda city community and to give an opportunity for families to relax and spend time together meaningfully.