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Port of Klaipėda

Liquid fertilizer and chemical products terminal

Storage tanks with capacity up to 87 thousand tons allow loading Panamax vessels. There is a very efficient line for wagon unloading. Stevedoring operations can be executed at three quays. The main cargo in the terminal is a solution of urea and ammonium nitrate (UAN).

Max draft, m 13.8 m
Storage capacity 87,000 mt for liquid fertilizer (5 tanks)
Loading into the vessel capacity 3,000 t/hour
Discharging from the railway wagons, trucks capacity 1,000 t/hour
Terminal capacity 2,600,000 mt/year

The automation system controls the loading process and the quantity of cargo in the storage tanks.

Ethylene glycol handling

Ethylene glycol handling line was built and set into operation in 2005.
Company handles monoethyleneglycol for the factories in Klaipeda FEZ.

  • the annual capacity of the terminal is 150,000 t;
  • ethylene glycol is transported into storage tanks by steel pipelines;
  • a separate railway branch makes it possible to load up to 5 railway tanks simultaneously. The loading productivity is 150 m3/h;
  • ethylene glycol can also be loaded into road-tankers (capacity 50 m³/h).


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