Leader in

Port of Klaipėda

Logistic services

Logistic services are one of the main components of port activities. Its excellent geographical position and experience in business specialization enables the company to actively participate in international trade processes between the East and the West and take a leading position in the port of Klaipeda. Material and intellectual resources provide the opportunity to implement the entire process and offer integrated solutions for the transportation of goods from the producer to the consumer. In carrying out our mission for the customer to reduce the cost of transportation and speed up the delivery of goods, we render the following services:

  • forwarding in the port of Klaipėda;
  • organize international transport by sea and rail;
  • customs procedures;
  • rational transportation schemes;
  • tracking and managing information on goods transportation;
  • distribution, packaging;
  • freight of sea-going vessels.

Logistic services

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