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KLASCO is one of the biggest versatile stevedoring companies in the Baltic States. It is the only stevedoring company in the port of Klaipėda which handles cargo at deep-water quays of 14.5 meters and can fully load Panamax vessels. In 2012, the company handled 13.5 million tons of various cargoes. Five KLASCO terminals cover a territory of 100 ha – one fifth of the whole area of the port of Klaipėda. KLASCO is also one of the leaders in the region for loading Ro-Ro cargoes and fertilizers.

In 2011, the company together with partners invested in an extension of the grain terminal. When new grain storage tanks were built as well as new technological lines for loading and weighing, the terminal became the most modern and versatile in the region. KLASCO terminals are served by an extensive railway network, which consists of four marshalling yards and access roads. In cooperation with Lithuanian Railways, the terminals of the northern part alone process up to 520 wagons per 24 hours. At the moment, KLASCO is expanding the bulk mineral fertilizers terminal: a new warehouse with a capacity of 100,000 tons shall be built as well as a new wagon unloading station and a new conveyor gallery with a ship loader.

KLASCO offers its customers a wide range of logistics services, door to door transportation, including land and sea transport. We not only provide forwarding, warehousing, but also transportation services; professional document handling and cargo traffic monitoring are available, cargo safety is ensured, and a quality guarantee is offered. KLASCO has implemented and has been practicing quality management systems for a long time, complying with the standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The prospects in the nearest future provide for the extension of warehouses in several terminals. The building of versatile and specialized warehouses for the storage of various cargoes is foreseen.

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