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Development plans

KLASCO has a clear strategy for the development of the company, which is based on experience in long-term cooperation with partners, cargo owners and consignees. Today we model a long–term forecast regarding market demands, also planning our goals to meet the needs of customers.

KLASCO will provide 10-20 million EUR for the development of new terminals every year for the next several years.

The biggest part of the investment will be used to construct new bulk cargo warehouses, which will extend our possibilities to accommodate a large amount of cargo.

In 2013, a completely new territory near quay No.144 in the Ferry (Ro-Ro) Terminal was prepared for utilization. It expands the company's ability to handle bulk cargo for medium-size vessels.

In the plans for 2015-2018, there is the construction of a complex of new covered warehouses. The estimated total area of the complex will be over 17,000 square meters.

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