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Since the Middle Ages, Klaipeda has been widely known as a convenient trade port in the eastern part of the Baltic Sea. The sand dunes of the Curonian Spit sheltered boats from stormy winds, and navigation in the ice-free part of the sea was not interrupted even during the coldest winters. This promoted the development of the town and trade businesses in the direction of the northern breakwater, the deepest part of the Klaipeda canal, which was accessible to large sea-going vessels.

Our enterprise continues the traditions of the Klaipeda Sea Merchant Port established by the Lithuanian State 70 years ago. The port was quite modern at that time. Following the restoration of the country’s independence, the enterprise was split into several companies by separating functions and different areas of business. The reforms helped the enterprise get rid of the port model designed by the Soviet system, and created preconditions for the development of a modern complex of international trade.

The name of the state-owned enterprise was changed, new boundaries of the territory and the quays were drawn, and on 3 May 1995 the company was registered as a joint-stock company called the Klaipeda Stevedoring Company, the international trademark of which is KLASCO (Klaipeda Stevedoring Company). On 3 March 1999, the company was privatized and now it is owned by the Lithuanian-capital concern, ACHEMOS GRUPE.

Dr. Bronislovas Lubys (1938 - 2011), President of Klaipeda Stevedoring Company.

KLASCO is the largest, most versatile and successful stevedoring company operating in the port of Klaipėda; its annual cargo turnover is more than 13 million tons on average, and it occupies 38 percent of the port services market.

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